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    At an early age, Photography and Videography became an important part of life as a way to document and share Skateboarding, Surfing, and city  to city graffiti trips. As the passion for these forms of art and self expression progressed, so did the importance of Photography and later becoming my main focus of expressive Art.

     I became a Sailor and was lucky to travel the World several times, photographing, surfing, and touring in some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet. After my  service, while living in Southern California I studied Filmmaking and Business Management, but my career in Aviation led me to focus my studies on Aeronautical Engineering. 

    After a few years of Engineering and  Aeronautical Design for the U.S. government, I felt I had more to offer the World and Myself, then began to pursue  Fine Arts and Culture.

    I Have earned Degrees in Photography, Intermedia, Multimedia, Videography, and Graphic Design.  

    I now produce large Fine Art prints, Paintings, Mix Media pieces, and Video Art for Gallery shows, Film Festivals, Private Art, and Cultural venues, as well as Private commissions for collectors homes and business'.

I also travel  to locations to Photograph People, Places, and Things with a small production company I co-founded. 

This Summer, Starting in May of 2023, I will begin A gallery tour Beginning in London, UK, to Madrid, Spain, Manhattan, New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit. 



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